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To support growing success, Urbotanica™ understands that we need to assist people in learning the right skills.
Many people get the impression that growing plants is difficult, but the reality is growing fresh food is easy when you’re armed with the right technical solutions, advice and shared learnings.
Urbotanica aims to help people learn the value of growing their own foods and be secure in knowing the quality and safety of those foods.


Solving the world’s food & health issues begins in the kitchen.
It’s no secret that the amount of energy and water consumed in the global fresh food industry is frightening, not to mention food wastage.
Individuals successfully being able to grow fresh food in the modern urban home is a major leap forward in addressing so many of these issues.


Knowledge is only useful when shared and used to enrich people’s lives.
We are building a community that allows everyone to benefit from our collective growing experience.
Everyone should know what to grow, when to grow, how to use it in cooking and general food preparation, tips and tricks to encourage faster and stronger plant growth.
All these nuggets of information are there to be shared by the expanding Urbotanica™ community. Check out the vids on our "Technical Stuff" page

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See what our customers say

Silvana kindly gave my wife and I an UrbiPod for part of our Wedding gift. Aside from us embarking on a journey of greater Mediterranean and Vietnamese cooking in our new home, we're looking forward to being able to grow fresh herbs conveniently within our kitchen area, regardless of the weather and time of year! It looks cool too!
The UrbiPod has been going well in our classroom and the students are enjoying watching the progress. We are doing a timeline to watch its growth and the students are writing about the progress of the plants every 1-2 weeks and the best writing is included on the timeline. Thanks for allowing us to have this as a great part of our learning in Year 3.
"I am enjoying my Urbipod a great deal, have some beautiful, robust basil and rocket growing and I am just replanting the cress, alternating it between two pots. We are loving the availability of fresh greens to add to our meals. Very happy with the purchase"
"The UrbiPod initially sparked my interest because I love cooking and using fresh ingredients but I would buy herbs, they would sit in my fridge and I would forget about them, then have to throw them out. Growing herbs outside meant that the bugs would eat them and I forgot about them. Having herbs in a stylish, self-maintained (I don’t do much) system means I use them regularly without waste, so it is better for our hip pocket and the environment. The best part is my minimal effort in equals maximum crop out and I can now grow coriander! My family are also really excited to see the changes each day and now ask for herbs in their food too".
I absolutely love having an Urbipod in my Home Ec classroom. It means that not only do the students have access to fresh herbs each lesson, but they can also see what is required in order for plants to grow. We have been sharing our Urbipod with the Pre primary students and they have had lots of fun watching the plants grow, eating and cooking with the herbs. Thank you Silvana for giving us this opportunity
“I absolutely love my UrbiPod as it has given me a renewed opportunity to grow my own herbs at 84 years young! Given the severe arthritis in my hands, I had to give up my love for growing largescale in my backyard – now the herbs I love are growing on my kitchen Bench right in my reach. Parsley, 2 pods of basil (my favourite) and now experimenting with miniature tomatoes (they are beginning to fruit) - Always available! Delicioso! That is Italian for Delicious”

The UrbiPod™

Easy to assemble, operate and clean. The growing Pods are detachable from the unit so can be moved around the house - to the dining table for easy access to fresh herbs while eating or to a sunny window sill. Each Pod has its own water reservoir so can happily sit on a sunny window sill for a few days and keep growing. Stylish design to fit right in with your best kitchen appliances. Australian made and owned the UrbiPod has been designed with efficiency in mind: with automatic self watering, nutrient delivery and state of the art energy efficient LED lighting.
The UrbiPod™

UrbiPod™ Design Features

Many new products have been entering the market that offer indoor growing solutions. In developing the UrbiPod we’ve focused on simplicity together with delivering superior growing results:

Mobility: Our growing Pods are unique from other products - detachable from the main unit to enable mobility around the home & kitchen. This allows ease of access and use and enables crop rotation amongst other Pods - therefore ensuring access to harvest ready herbs and salads.

Size: The large Pod size has been horticulturally designed to support healthy root development and sustainable plant production. The larger Pod size caters for more plant varieties and the ability to plant more than one variety of herb or salad in each Pod.

Stylish Design: Fashionably designed to sit amongst modern kitchen appliances.

Natural Solutions: Our growing medium - coir - is a 100% natural by-product of coconuts. Eco friendly with high water retention - perfect for plant growth.

Customer Choice: UrbiPod’s design flexibility supports creative growers who like to experiment growing what they want and how they want to grow it.

Clever & Efficient: No apps or gimmicks. We use the latest energy efficient LED growing lights. And with our patent pending irrigation system, the UrbiPod uses capillary action to move water and nutrient from the reservoirs to the plant roots. No pumps.
  • UrbiPod™ Lifestyle

    UrbiPod™ Lifestyle

    Designed to sit right on your kitchen bench, the UrbiPod will provide simple, successful, stress-free fresh herbs and salads right next to where you cook, adding instant taste and home grown nutrition - all year round

    The UrbiPod is more than just a healthier, intelligent & natural sustainable solution for like minded people. It's the start of a new kitchen lifestyle. The UrbiPod is designed to be the most efficient growing solution in the market, whilst delivering contemporary style.

    Australian made and owned

    UrbiPod™ Lifestyle
  • Easy Setup, Maintenance & Operation

    Easy Setup, Maintenance & Operation

    Why do you want the UrbiPod™? We'll answer that for you!

    With the unique arrangement of four independently detachable growing Pods, UrbiPod provides the ability to create a multi crop herb & salad garden. The Pods are designed for mobility – either brought to the food prepping counter in the kitchen for ease of use or to the dining table where guests and family can pick fresh herbs directly from the plant. And fresh tastes better - that's a fact. Plus, our energy efficient growing lights and automated natural irrigation makes growing success simple.

    Easy Setup, Maintenance & Operation
  • Get the Kids into Growing & Eating Greens!

    Get the Kids into Growing & Eating Greens!

    Watching how the kids get engaged in selecting their own Pod, planting their own herb or salad seeds, looking after "their plant" & watching it grow is a delight. And in our experience they are much more willing to try "their" produce. Egg & cress sandwiches anyone? Fish & chives please? Then it's - what are we planting next?

    Get the Kids into Growing & Eating Greens!

About The UrbiPod™

  • 4 Mobile Growing Pods

    The Pods are detachable from the unit so they can be moved around the living and kitchen area, including the dining table for easy access to fresh herbs and salads. (4x Pods included)
  • Self Watering, Auto Lighting & Energy Efficient

    Our automatic LED lighting replicates the sun to enable successful growing. LED lighting is energy efficient and reliable - our lights are rated at 50,000 hours & on average, use the same electricity as your kettle (based on 15 hours use per week) Lights are designed to come on and off automatically - 16 hours on 8 hours off. That's because plants, like people, need to sleep in the dark to be at their best. Plant watering is via capillary action drawn up from the water reservoir in base of the UrbiPod via our clever wicking system. Cool heh?
  • Natural Nutrients & Growing Medium

    By using liquid nutrients (instead of granules for example), all the minerals in the nutrient are available to the plant at the right concentrations all the time. The result is faster and better quality plant growth. Our growing medium - coir - is a 100% natural by-product of coconuts. Eco friendly with high water retention - perfect for plant growth. And the coir is compressed so as to reduce the carbon foorprint.
  • Range Of Seeds

    With a range of seeds to choose from, you'll never be bored with the UrbiPod. In pack information helps guide planting and spacing for healthy growth. A 5 pack of seasonal seeds is included in your UrbiPod starter kit. Additioinal seed varities and combinations are available for purchase.
  • Size Matters

    The UrbiPod's larger and deeper growing Pods enable stronger root development. That means more herbs & salads. The deeper roots & size means most plants will keep on producing - unlike your supermarket herb packet.
  • Customer Choice

    With the UrbiPod you aren't locked in to using only our seeds and coir. UrbiPod’s design flexibility supports creative growers who like to experiment growing what they want and how they want to grow it. Whilst we think you won't get as good a growing result you can use other materials. And they might not be all natural as ours are.