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With the UrbiPod even the brownest of thumbs will become successful home growers in no time. The UrbiPod provides the plants with all the water, nutrients, and light that herbs need to thrive when combined with a little bit of TLC from you. Start your botanical journey here:


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Customer Reviews

"I was brought this product as a Christmas present, 3 weeks later and I have an awesome supply of herbs. Easy to use and the herbs are full of flavour and smell. I struggled to grow herbs outside and took too much effort and when they did grow the bugs ate them. No bugs inside. Love this product."
"Have had my Urbipod since last April and absolutely love it; I have 8 pods which I rotate. I love having fresh herbs on hand - as well as saving me a run to the shops, it also saves us money."
"Highly recommend Urbipod. I have never been able to grow anything but with Urbipod I have and it’s so easy. I have been enjoying fresh herbs since September last year."
"The UrbiPod initially sparked my interest because I love cooking and using fresh ingredients but I would buy herbs, they would sit in my fridge and I would forget about them, then have to throw them out. Growing herbs outside meant that the bugs would eat them and I forgot about them. Having herbs in a stylish, self-maintained (I don’t do much) system means I use them regularly without waste, so it is better for our hip pocket and the environment. The best part is my minimal effort in equals maximum crop out and I can now grow coriander! My family are also really excited to see the changes each day and now ask for herbs in their food too."
"I absolutely love having an Urbipod in my Home Ec classroom. It means that not only do the students have access to fresh herbs each lesson, but they can also see what is required in order for plants to grow. We have been sharing our Urbipod with the Pre primary students and they have had lots of fun watching the plants grow, eating and cooking with the herbs."
"I absolutely love my UrbiPod as it has given me a renewed opportunity to grow my own herbs at 84 years young! Given the severe arthritis in my hands, I had to give up my love for growing largescale in my backyard – now the herbs I love are growing on my kitchen Bench right in my reach. Parsley, 2 pods of basil (my favourite) and now experimenting with miniature tomatoes (they are beginning to fruit) - Always available! Delicioso! That is Italian for Delicious."

Growing's Easy with the UrbiPod

The UrbiPod is simple to setup and use. You can start growing all your favourite herbs, salads, microgreens, vegetables, and fruits in under 10 minutes. All you have to do is plug it in, fill up the water tower, hydrate the coir & you’re ready to plant your seeds. After that you’re ready to grow! The UrbiPod looks after your plants for you by giving them all the water, nutrient and light they need.