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Australia's # 1 Indoor Smart Garden - Indoor Growing Made Easy

5 easy steps to get growing. All you need to start growing is in the box. Local advice and growing tips to support you. Comes ready assembled. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (Ts & Cs apply)


UrbiPod Features

* Comes ready assembled - just 5 easy steps to get growing

* Comes with a starter kit which has everything you need to start growing - nothing else to purchase

* It’s clever irrigation and nutrient application system delivers the right amount of natural plant food for healthy and sustained plant growth and so takes the guesswork out of growing

* The automated energy efficient LED system mimics sunlight and provides the ideal environment that can deliver plant growth up to five times faster than outdoors

* Uses 90% less water, less power, less space than conventional growing solutions

* The mobility of the individual growing pods provides for ease of use, ability to be located outside the kitchen and scalability for those who want to grow more

* Generous growing area to support sustained growth of your favourite fresh herbs, salads and micro greens - size matters

* Contemporary stylish design that looks at home in your kitchen

* Excellent customer support and growing advice

* UrbiPod™ Indoor Garden helps to make growing all of your favourite Herbs, Flowers, Veggies, Fruits & Microgreens easy! No matter your level of growing experience

* Proudly Australian Made & Owned

The UrbiPod Indoor Garden is an  Australian Made & Owned product. Australia's smartest indoor garden
The UrbiPod Indoor Garden makes growing easy & fast all year round.
The UrbiPod makes growing fresh herbs, fruit, vegetables, flowers & microgreens easy. Fresh herbs are the most tasty & healthy
The UrbiPod Indoor Garden helps you grow your own fresh food to help reduce food miles, food waste & packaging
UrbiPod - Australia's #1 Indoor Smart GardenUrbiPod LiteUrbiBase


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