5 Benefits of Growing with Coir Inside & Out

coco coir

Coco coir is an excellent medium for growing indoors because of its incredible water retention and growing properties. These same traits make it ideal for outdoor use as well! Either on its own or used in with another growing medium like potting mix, coir is a great way to take advantage of these winter rains and get ready for spring growing. Here are five ways you can use coir to help your garden:

1. As I just mentioned, coir has remarkable water retention properties that have excellent use in the garden. When coir is wet it holds that water until the plant needs it, meaning your plants stay hydrated long after you’ve watered them, or it’s rained.

2. It helps stop your plants from becoming waterlogged. Not only does its water retention mean your plants get a more consistent supply of water, but it also helps keep your plants from being overwatered by absorbing excess moisture.

3. Coir creates an excellent environment for seed germination. The UrbiPod can be a great place to germinate your plants inside by providing the right amount of light, water & nutrient, however a coir mix is a great way to achieve high germination success outdoors as well.

4. It’s expandable, which makes it much easier to transport and store. When you want to use it all you need to do is hydrate and it will grow almost 10x in size.

5. Coir also doesn’t attract bugs. That’s not to say it will remain bug-free but because it isn’t a nutrient-rich substrate it doesn’t attract insects like any other soils & potting mixes do.

The best part of coir is it’s straightforward to use. Just hydrate it and use it as needed. If your setting up a herb garden this spring, check out our Outdoor Herb Garden Starter Kit, which includes three 650gram bricks of coir (makes almost 30L), ten herb seed packets & 1L of Herb Focus Nutrient. Check it out here.