Colourful Winter Blooms

Colourful Winter Blooms
As the sky continues to darken outside, it’s a great time to add some vibrant colour to your home by growing flowers in your UrbiPod. Even though spring is almost 3 months away! Flowers are an excellent way to brighten up your home and there are a bunch of flower varieties perfectly suited to growing in your UrbiPod.
Pansy (Left) & Fairy Primrose Pink Flowers (Right)
Pansies are always a favourite in the UrbiPod because of their perfect size and lively range of colours. Planting pansies now at the start of winter is the perfect time as they have no problem with the cooler weather. Plus you'll get to enjoy their bloom just before the end of Winter and right through Spring.
The Fairy Primrose Pink Flowers are a little bit slower to bloom but well worth the wait. They can take around 4 months to mature but provide an incredible Pink Flower once they do, as the name suggests. A wise person once said, “Patience is a virtue and one that rewards you with pretty pink flowers.”
These Purple Petunia’s here are now coming on 6 months and have been flowering for 3 of them! Petunia’s thrive under the 16 hours of light from the UrbiPod. They do require a lot of pruning to keep them at the right size for the UrbPod. Or you can grow them into seedlings and transplant them outside into a bigger space once necessary.
We love to see what everyone is growing. 🌿 🌹 🌼 🌺 If you've got some flowers, send us a photo or let us know what else you've been growing in your UrbiPod.