A Fresh Idea for Christmas Gifts

A Fresh Idea for Christmas Gifts

I don’t know about you, but I find that Christmas shopping becomes harder and harder every year. You want to give a gift that’s useful, and meaningful too! But how do you find something unique that your loved ones will enjoy? And how do you do it without breaking the bank yourself?

There’s a tradition that’s started up at my house. See, my mother loves to have a fresh green smoothie in the morning. Along with spinach, bananas, and dates, she blends in a heap of mint leaves to give it a tasty kick. She’s tried to get fresh mint growing in the garden before, but mint can be an absolute nightmare to grow. It goes wild, unruly, and spreads everywhere! Not worth the hassle. Buying mint from the supermarket is never as good, either: it’s bland, overpriced, and cased in layers of plastic. So, just before last Christmas, I started growing mint in one of my UrbiPod pods; and, come Christmas morning, I handed the whole pod over as a gift! That meant she could enjoy extra fresh minty smoothies all week long. It’s a sweet little tradition that she’s really taken to. 

Gifting herbs, flowers, or microgreens is a unique way to show your loved ones that you care. Simply start growing your plants around two weeks for Christmas, and they will be ready for gifting on the big day. Here’s some ideas on what to gift.


Flowers are a traditional gift to show your loved ones you cherish them. Keeping flowers around the house is not only a delightful way to beautify your surroundings, but it is scientifically proven to improve a person’s wellbeing. They look beautiful, smell great, and have a range of mental health benefits: being around flowers is shown to greatly lower rates of anxiety and depression. Flowers that are bought from the supermarket can be hard to maintain though, and often start to die within a few days. Gift flowers grown in an UrbiPod to keep them vibrant and beautiful for much longer.

House Plants

Keeping house plants has quickly become one of the most popular hobbies of the modern era - and for good reason! Indoor plants improve the quality of air in our homes, and create a positive, soothing environment. A study from Sydney’s University of Technology has shown that house plants can reduce a person’s levels of tension by 37 per cent, depression by 58 per cent, and anger by 44 per cent. Yet it’s all too common for people to have trouble starting this hobby. If someone you know is a verified brown thumb, gifting a plant grown in the UrbiPod helps them to get the best head start. Or for loved ones whose houses are full to bursting with plants, try gifting them a fun or exotic new variety! 

Herbs and Microgreens

Gifting garden-grown edible plants is a nice way to improve your loved ones’ quality of cooking. This is also a very personalised gift, and can be tailor-matched to suit your loved one’s palette. Do they enjoy hot chillies, chives, basil, or coriander? Gifting a pod full of ready-to-eat herbs can be a lovely way to show your loved one you pay attention to their habits. Ask them their favourite meal, and match the herbs to go with it!

Did you know? The UrbiPod’s pods are designed to be self-sustaining, even when they’re taken out of the tower. Each pod has a reservoir of water that fills up when it’s attached to the tower. Once it’s removed, that reservoir will keep the pod going strong for a few days. This means gifting a pod independently of the UrbiPod system is no hassle; it functions just like a regular pot plant. 

Gifting pods is a unique and useful way of doing presents that goes down a treat. It’s a great idea for gardeners and chefs alike! Gardeners get a new plant breed, and chefs get a delightful herby kick for their cooking. So if you’re looking for a thoughtful, unique, and inexpensive idea for Christmas presents this year, give this one a try.