UrbiPod is now on sale - and its Australian made and owned!

UrbiPod is now on sale - and its Australian made and owned!

Yes we have been under the radar for a little while. Why? We started this journey with the usual pre - conception that if it has to be manufactured then it has to be China. Australia can't make it competitively. Everyone told us that. Well we don't agree. 

We knew that brand Australia has a competitive advantage - for many consumers across the world it is synonomous with quality and its trustworthy. 

And taking a new product from deisgn stage to manufacturing to market isn't easy. You need friends. You need partners. With a local manufacturing partner we could take advantage of Brand Australia, support local jobs in Australia and benefit by having the manufacturer "down the road" whereby we could utilise their experience in turning designs into reality.

We also knew that international shipping costs and the challenges associated with customs would be minimised by local manufacture. We found a great partner in PMT manufacturing in Perth, Western Australia. Adrian and his team have been very helpful; coming up with clever ideas to reduce costs and improve the UrbiPod's functionality.  Check them out here:  http://www.pmtaustralia.com.au/

Thanks Adrian and PMT. That's his pic above. 



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