How much money will the UrbiPod save you?

How much money will the UrbiPod save you?

Have you ever wondered how much an UrbiPod can save you in the long run?

Well, that depends! Based on our calculations the average household will save about $421 per year once the UrbiPod is up and running. If you’re a person that uses a lot of herbs, your savings could be up to 5x what you would pay at the supermarket!

 5 times cheaper than the supermarkets

Want to know how we got those numbers? Let’s break it down:

The average household spends around $10 a week on herbs. That would get you about 4 packs of herbs at the supermarket. Across one year, that’s up to $520 spent on herbs alone!

To run an UrbiPod means buying new supplies and re-planting around once every 16 weeks. This means coir ($5.50), seeds ($4.50), and nutrient ($10.00), plus the power to run the LED lights ($0.08/day), will end up costing about $98.12 per year.

This, plus the cost of the UrbiPod itself, means you’ll already be saving up to $192 in the first year, and every year after that is a saving of up to $421! Not to mention that with UrbiPod you’re only using what you need: no need to worry about wasting anything you buy.

 Price Comparison

We hope that clears things up for you! Growing at home truly does save you a lot in the long run and tastes fresher & better too!