New Multi-Flow Wicking System

New Multi-Flow Wicking System

The Multi Flow Wicking system cleverly combines several existing components into one structure that serves both as a false floor and wicking mechanism. It includes patent pending technology that significantly improves irrigation efficiency. 

The Multi-Flow Wicking system is easily installed into existing UrbiPods.


Insert into Pod and press firmly in the center of the Multi-Flow Wick to ensure a tight fit into the Pod. The wick should not move once in position (you can turn it upside down and it should remain in position)

The Multi-Flow Wick integrates porous material with nano technology into a rigid-form hydrophilic wick and false floor. It delivers water and nutrient from the UrbiPod base to hydrate the coir, whilst simultaneously transferring water into each Pod reservoir. This will continue to irrigate the plants even if you remove the Pod from the UrbiPod. 



The benefits include:

  • Further structural integrity preventing root penetration
  • Consolidation of several existing components into a single wicking solution
  • Improves performance & reduces risk of poor irrigation flow
  • Enhanced drainage for improved growth for new varieties of plants