Propagating in the UrbiPod

Propagating in the UrbiPod

We often talk about propagating plants in the UrbiPod & transplanting, but what is propagating & transplanting, and how easy is it? To put it simply, propagating is growing new plants from seeds or cuttings. We often use it to describe the process of growing new plants in the UrbiPod and then once they have matured, transplanting them into a pot or outside in the garden. This is an excellent use for the UrbiPod for a couple of reasons. Primarily it takes advantage of the higher germination & growth rate in the UrbiPod, plants grow from seed at a higher rate and grow much faster due to the growing conditions in the UrbiPod! In the UrbiPod they are given all the light, nutrients, and water they need while also being protected from bugs & harsh weather like they usually would be outside.

As the plants grow and become more mature, you can continue to let them grow in the UrbiPod and even move them around to where you want/need them most using the mobile pods. However, if you've got the space to plant them outside or into another larger indoor garden, then this can be a great way to take advantage of the UrbiPods growing conditions. It allows you to plant more of your favourites, while also allowing your mature plants more room to grow! The UrbiPod makes transplanting from the pods extremely simple as you can take the whole plant out, with the coir, and plant them straight into your garden or pot. Just be careful to remove the wick & pod floor from the bottom of the coir before replanting.

Now you can start propagating again in the UrbiPod while still enjoying the produce or flowers of your mature plants! As spring is approaching now is a great time to be propagating plants in your UrbiPod for replanting outside when the weather starts to warm up.

The Glowpear is a product we've introduced recently and is perfect for transplanting. Below is a video of us transplanting some of our UrbiPod grown plants into a Glowpear garden.

The Glowpear Garden is perfect for us, as the UrbiPod takes a lot of the hard work out of growing, like watering, worrying about what soil is best, and maintaining proper nutrient levels. The Glowpear works with a very similar watering system so for (lazy) gardeners like us, we can continue to let the Glowpear do the majority of the work. All we have to do is top it up with water every few days and continue to add nutrient when we do, exactly like we do with the UrbiPod! Similar to the UrbiPod, because Glowpear gardens use a wicking system for watering, they use 90% less water than traditional watering methods. Less work, less worry, less water, and more growing!

As you saw from the video above, we transplanted a couple of perpetual spinach plants into our Glowpear, and since then they have absolutely thrived! It also allowed us to replant the pods and now we've got even more plants on the way.