Spring Gardening Tips & Tricks

Spring Gardening Tips & Tricks

The dark days are over, and spring is finally here! No more will stepping outside in the early morning put dread in your soul and a shiver down your spine. Melodramatic? Yes, however as an UrbiPod user it is an exciting time. If you’ve been growing indoors through winter, now is the perfect time to transplant your mature plants, flowers, & herbs outside or into larger pots. Relive the thrill of starting a new batch of plants in the UrbiPod. It has seemed that growing flowers in the UrbiPod has been all the fashion this winter, and it’s the perfect way to add some colour to your garden early in spring by moving them outside now. With the UrbiPods mobile pod, you can slowly acclimatize your plants to the conditions outdoors as well by leaving them outdoors for periods of time during the day, while still protecting them inside from the colder conditions at night.

We’ve seen lots of experimenting lately with fruit, flowers, different herbs and even vegetables growing in the UrbiPod. In fact, almost anything can be propagated in the UrbiPod and then transplanted into the garden. While we can’t say we’ve tried everything ourselves, the size of the pod was designed to support the root structure of as many different plant, flowers, vegetables and herbs as possible, even things such as radishes and carrots can begin in the pod. If you’ve been growing chillies over winter and they are starting to get too big to be in your kitchen, now that winter is over you can begin to transplant them outside. Chillies don’t do well in the colder weather so it’s best to transplant them outside in the warmer months.

Our plant nutrients can still be used to support the growth of your plants even after you’ve moved them outside. By adding nutrients to your watering can, you can continue to provide the consistent source of energy the plants have been receiving while in the UrbiPod to support their continued growth. How do our nutrients support growth? Well, plants absorb 12 minerals from the soil that are essential for plant growth and development. However, roots can only absorb these minerals if they are dissolved in water. They cannot absorb minerals from slow release granules until they dissolve into the soil water first. The result of this is faster and better-quality growth. Two of the key minerals in our nutrients are nitrogen and phosphorous which are they key minerals required for vegetative growth and good health in plants. You too can have a lush green garden like the man below wearing a nifty gardening apron and hat.

(Pictured: Man wearing very practical gardening outfit & nifty hat, watering his garden.)

So, what are you waiting for? Take all your budding indoor beauties and let them grow and thrive in the spring sun. Plant something new or different in your UrbiPod and enjoy watching them grow from seed all over again, and like our friend here, harvest and enjoy!