Here's Why Herbs Make Great Mothers' Day Gifts

Here's Why Herbs Make Great Mothers' Day Gifts

Every year, people around the world come together to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives on Mother’s Day. Be they mums, aunts, in-laws, or just people who we look up to, it’s the day to show how much we care for and appreciate all the strong and dedicated women in our lives. Everyone’s got their own Mother’s Day traditions, from Sunday brunch to breakfast in bed. If you’re looking for a creative gift idea to make the day that much more special, consider giving the gift of plants. An UrbiPod is a unique gift that is practical, cost-saving, and luxurious all at once.

So, let’s talk about what makes herbs such a great gift!

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What makes plants so great?

Some gifts are made to last a lifetime; others will be enjoyed once before they’re gone. Herb gardens are the best of both worlds in this way. They’re practical, readily enjoyable, and will last for ages — if you take care of them right! Here’s just a few of the ways that plants make for wonderful gifts:

  • Plants reduce stress and add to their owner’s wellbeing. Having fresh plants around the house is proven to calm anxiety and promote general happiness.
  • Plants are a beautiful decoration that will spark joy in the home environment. Whether you’re growing flowers or herbs, an indoor garden is a source of freshness and colour. 
  • Plants don’t need much care — especially when using the UrbiPod. Plant owners can feel proud of their plant babies and watch them grow up, while not having to stress about taking care of them.
  • Plants live for a long time when taken care of well, and act as a constant reminder of your love and appreciation.  
  • If your mum is a fan of gardening, or is looking for a new hobby, gifted plants can go even further. Gardening is a fun and mentally stimulating way to pass the time. Did you know gardening is the most popular hobby in the US, UK, and Australia?

UrbiPod smart garden on kitchen counter

Why the UrbiPod?

Whether your mum is a gardener, a foodie, or just wants something to beautify her home, the UrbiPod will help her out. It’s the easiest way to grow plants indoors; especially herbs and flowers! Your mum will get all the benefits of being an expert gardener, while not having to worry about watering, soil, or light, for her new plants. Growing with the UrbiPod means your mum can enjoy tasty meals with fresh herbs, or enjoy enjoy fresh plants all year long, with almost no effort. 

Order the UrbiPod before the end of April to leave enough time for shipping before Mother’s Day! Use code APRIL20 at checkout to enjoy a further 20% off.

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Happy growing!