Urbotanica – maker of Australia’s smartest indoor garden, the UrbiPod, has just signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with an overseas private investor from India. The aim is to expand the brand globally along with exploring mass market manufacturing opportunities that will provide a high quality product at a more competitive price. The investor has various business interests and manufactures goods for the automobile, consumer goods and construction industries.  The agreement and investment of funds will enable Urbotanica to expand its marketing initiatives and explore entry into the significant markets in India, Asia, Europe and the USA. The investment will also fund the manufacture of more of Australia’s smartest indoor garden - the UrbiPod – which will continue to be made in Australia.

Sahil Lamba, one of the principal Investors based in India stated:

“We are excited to be teaming up with Urbotanica. It’s a great brand and their flagship UrbiPod indoor garden is a great product. Indoor gardening and the “grow your own” movement is rapidly gaining popularity in India and globally and the interest of some high profile investors. I have been looking to diversify our current portfolio and the move into indoor gardening with Urbotanica is a great opportunity for us.”

Urbotanica is about creating intelligent, sustainable solutions for home grown food. Its flagship product – the UrbiPod - is a clever indoor garden appliance that takes the guesswork out of growing. It’s built-in irrigation system and automatic nutrient application delivers the perfect amount of water and nutrients to foster plant growth. Energy-efficient LED lighting is self-timed and speeds the growing process up to three times faster than sunlight. And the lights are highly energy efficient – using about the same energy per year as your kettle or toaster. The portable, contemporary design enables mobility around the home. Users can enjoy homegrown produce year-round!  Australian designed, made and owned. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2020 Urbotanica will also soon be releasing its newest UrbiPod Smart Garden with climate micro sensors and App enabled control features to market in 2021.

Announcing the agreement, Urbotanica Managing Director Ray Hart stated:

“Our ambition is to grow internationally. This investment and partnership gives us the opportunity to make that happen. Our international investors have an established manufacturing capability in the large Indian market and well developed distribution channels into Asia and the USA. Their investment will underpin another local production run here in Australia, greater marketing & brand awareness activity and more product R&D. We are delighted to have them on board as an investor and partner in our global ambitions”

Contact Name: Ray Hart

Organisation: Urbotanica

Phone Number: +61(0)448708415

Email: ray.hart@urbotanica.com

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