Why a Smart Garden is a Valentine's Gift They'll Love

loving couple with an urbipod

Say goodbye to boring Valentine's Day gifts and hello to the ultimate love language - plants! This year, surprise your sweetheart with an indoor plant system that brings the beauty of nature right into their home.


At Urbotanica, our self-sufficient indoor gardens come loaded with LED grow lights and automated watering, and are designed to give your plants best care around the clock! Plus, your loved one is sure to find their favourite flavour in our range of tasty herbs. Here's why this gift is the bee's knees:

1. Picture Perfect

The urbipod growing flowers on a countertop

Your loved one will get to witness the magic of their favorite plants growing and flourishing under the UrbiPod's LED lights. The pretty pinkish hue of our lights is not only easy on the eyes: this light spectrum is chosen because it’s amazing for plant growth! And the best part? The garden's sleek and futuristic design will turn any room into a secret garden!

2. Love that Lasts

giving flowers as a gift

Whether your sweetheart has a green thumb or not, our indoor herb garden is made for every level of gardener. The UrbiPod handles its own plant care 24/7, with inbuilt grow lights and a clever self-watering system. The UrbiPod is built to last, cares for itself year-round, and never goes out of style. Your partner’s love for their garden will never fade.

3. Pure and Simple

A woman enjoying the scent of fresh herbs

All of Urbotanica's plants are organic and free from yucky chemicals like pesticides and GMOs. Your loved one can enjoy fresh, healthy food straight from their garden to their plate.

4. Breathe Easy

relaxing with tea

No need to stress over plant care - our indoor garden will take care of everything! Just sit back and enjoy watching your plants grow. Keeping plants indoors is a well-known and effective way to reduce stress, boost your mood, and lower anxiety. Plus, home gardening is incredibly fulfilling. There’s nothing quite like taking a bite of a fresh dish you grew yourself!

5. Heartfelt

A loving couple hugging

This gift is a love letter in and of itself! By gifting an indoor herb garden, you're avoiding the typical Valentine’s cliches. Treat your loved one to a thoughtful, unique gift that shows you really care about them. The UrbiPod is a gift that will last long after the chocolates have been eaten and the flowers have wilted.

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