Herb Growing Pod - Wicking System Included

Herb Growing Pod - Wicking System Included


Expand your growing potential with additional pods for the UrbiPod, the simple but innovative design of the UrbiPods allow plants to continue growing even when outside the UrbiPod while still getting all the water and nutrient that it needs to grow for up to a couple of days depending on plant maturity.

The individual growing Pod now comes in 6 different colours! Hot Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green (Sold Out), Red (Sold Out) and of course the traditional white. Which one is you?  

Each Pod includes Urbotanica's clever wicking system - the false floor plate, short wick and the round wick disc. These are essential to successful growing.

You might also want to order some extra coir with that, so you can get growing straight away!

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