Subscription Packs (Coming Soon)

Get more out of your growing experience with an UrbiPod ‘Journey Through the Seasons’ Growing Subscription. 

At Urbotanica we want to make growing with the Urbipod as simple and hassle-free as possible, so we’ve developed subscription packs that we’ll deliver to your door EVERY THREE MONTHS, just when you need them. And, to make things even easier, we’ll throw in FREE DELIVERY!

The Seasonal Subscription Packs come in two different sizes (Fresh Essentials / Evergreen Extras), specifically designed to suit your growing requirements, depending on how much and how often you cycle your plants and pods. 

Each subscription pack will be delivered FOUR TIMES PER YEAR prior to the start of each key season, bringing you the best herbs and plants to seasonally suit what you’re likely to be eating and wanting to grow at the time.

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