About Full Spectrum Lighting

What is Full Spectrum Lighting? 

Light is vital to a plant's growth and survival. Flowering plants use the full spectrum of visible light, but some wavelengths are more important than others. The right light spectrum, light intensity and light duration all work together to trigger plant flowering, growth and reproduction. Wavelengths in the red and blue spectrum are absorbed in greater amounts while more green and yellow light is reflected, giving the leaves their characteristic green colour. Red wavelengths encourage stem growth, flowering and fruit production, and chlorophyll production. For this reason, the new model UrbiPod lighting utilises more of the blue and red parts of the spectrum. 

Additonal Growing Possibilities With Full Spectrum UrbiPod

The UrbiPod full spectrum (FS) will enable you grow a wder variety of plants. In addition to herbs, salads and micro greens, FS will enable you to experiment with mini strawberries and ornamental flowers such as hypoestes, petunia, myosotis and alyssum. Edible flowers such as chives, borage, nasturtium and dianthus can also be grown. For lovers of the tomato UrbiPod FS can also grow tomato tiny tim. 

Softer Light 

An additional benefit of higher use of red and blue lightwaves is that the red ligthing is a softer light and hence easier on the eyes. The UrbiPod full spectrum model thus creates a softer ambient light in your UrbiPod room.  

Energy Efficient

Full spectrum doesn't mean using a whole lot more energy than the original UrbiPod. LED lighting is utilised by commercial and hobby indoor growers all around the world. The Navy even use LEDs to grow vegetables aboard their vessels at sea! They are highly efficienct when compared to traditional light sources - less heat, power & wasted light rays This efficiency leads to vastly improved photosynthesis, which makes LEDs perfect for indoor growing as we strive to keep electricity bills as low as possible.