Capital Raise

Urbotanica announces a capital raise to drive growth in the GYO sector

Expressions of Interest

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2nd June 2022

UrbotanicaTM, Australia’s leader in the Indoor Smart Garden market through leveraging emerging technologies to empower customers to successfully grow heathy fresh produce in the convenience of their own home, is raising funds to capitalise on growth opportunities.
The market leading Australian Made & Owned UrbiPodTM smart garden, already has thousands of happy customers, an active community group and access to local support for New Gardeners enjoying the benefits of successfully growing fresh, heathier produce with lifetime savings in the convenience of their modern lives.
Since our successful capital in December 2021, the GYO market has advanced considerably:

  • in May Woolworths announced the launch of an instore hydroponic vertical garden recognising the customer’s demand for live plants providing better quality produce with a lower environmental impact.
  • in January Bunnings validated the Australian market potential by a launching a similar French product at a higher price point. The French product only has half the growing capacity of our UrbiPod; and
  • our recently appointed national distributor has placed their 1st order (and our largest order to date) with a leading retail partner set to be announced shortly.
Additionally, macro tailwinds continue in our favour:
  • escalating cost of fresh food on price sensitive consumers;
  • increasing environmentally conscious consumers keen to reduce their food and waste footprint;
  • global supply chain challenges increasing price competitiveness and supply security for local manufacture;
  • new Government support for Australian manufacture and local procurement; and
  • proven positive correlation to an increase in demand for growing fresh food at home in tightening economic times.
We are also happy to announce a couple exciting internal initiatives:
  • in March, we successfully filed our new patent pending Multi-Flow Wicking system proving further competitive advantages for the UrbiPod product range.
  • we have recently engaged a national marketing agency to both lift our brand awareness and to continue the education of burgeoning market,
  • in May, we initiated a soft launch of our community benefit program which alongside reducing waste and leveraging the sharing economy, we are matching any pre-loved but currently unused UrbiPods, due to personal circumstances, with healthcare & school communities given the mental & health benefits evident from the GYO experience. The early results have been exciting, with demand from worthy causes for refurbished UrbiPods outstripping supply. We are now considering expanding the programme and seeking corporate donor support.
If you are interested to find out more about the investment opportunity, please register your interest or enquire for further information with