What's Included in My UrbiPod Purchase?

What's included in my purchase?

Your UrbiPod and starter kit contains all you need to start growing your fresh herbs and salads in your kitchen all year round. Included is:

  • The Australian made UrbiPod unit, including the light halo and LED lights, the AC power cable, 4 growing Pods, the wicking system
  • The Starter kit - containing 4 coir grow discs, a 250ml bottle of all natural liquid mineral nutrient and 4 packs of seasonal seeds.

What is the warranty on the UrbiPod?

Check out our page on warranty and returns in the Help and Support Tab of the website.

Can I get the UrbiPod shipped outside of Australia?

Contact us at info@urbotanica.com for international delivery arrangements

 What are the UrbiPod dimensions?

Height: 39.5 cm Width: 28.8 cm Depth: 28.8 cm

A single growing Pod is 15.6 cm by 10.2 cm.

The water reservoir holds 1.5 litres of water; Each Pod can hold 200ml of water; the water tower holds 1 litre of water; all up, with 4 Pods the capacity is over 3 litres.