Introducing the NEW UrbiPod +Plus!

Our team has been working hard to make the growing journey easier than ever. The new UrbiPod +Plus system comes packaged with our innovative new Multi-Flow Wicking System. The Multi-Flow system puts a stop to some of the most common problems that can affect garden lovers, while also being easy as pie to set up. Plus, its improved wicking capacity means that your plants will stay healthier and stronger for longer!
Here’s what a difference the Multi-Flow system makes:
  • Improved fertigation means your plants get better access to water and nutrients
  • The Multi-Flow Wick’s design enhances the integrity of your plants’ roots through improved drainage
  • Longer lasting; no fiddly bits for you to maintain. 
  • Foolproof all-in-one system
The Multi-Flow Wick system is native to the UrbiPod +Plus model. However, we want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy this upgrade. If you own an UrbiPod FS, the Multi-Flow Wick can now be bought separately and easily fitted to your UrbiPod !
How does the UrbiPod +Plus make me more successful ?
The Multi-Flow Wick offers improved plant irrigation and drainage. Since the wick is made of a single porous hydrophilic material, this means your plants will enjoy an even spread and uninterrupted flow of water and nutrient. Being well fed helps your plants to grow strong, supports fast growth, and helps to prevent against dry pods. 
The Multi-Flow Wick is your one-stop solution for pesky root penetration. When plants get too big for their growing habitat, their roots tend to keep looking for more food and water. In any other smart garden this means roots can sometimes grow too big, and end up escaping the Pod and into the main reservoir. For other smart gardens this is not only messy but makes it more difficult to replant, transplant, and maintain the system! The Multi-Flow Wick prevents wild and unruly roots from escaping, keeping everything the way you want it. 
The single porous structure of the Multi-Flow Wick makes for easier installation & maintenance, and improved water capture & flow. Because of this, it promotes enhanced propagation and transplanting of seedlings, and is more easily adapted for microgreens and other plants.