New Halo PCB Replacement

The UrbiPod LED Halo remains an efficient grow light for up to 50,000 hours. After that the full spectrum wavelength may start to fluctuate. You will unlikely be able to visually notice the variation. Accordingly, we recommend that you replace the PCB (printed circuit board with LED grow lights) after approximately 5 years.

Also, for our early customers who still have the original grow lights you can upgrade to our latest Full Spectrum grow lights using the same process.

Alternatively, you can buy the full replacement halo ($60) which will cost you a little more and you'll have an extra halo.

To replace the PCB into the existing Halo cover is an easy task with only 4 screws and one fastening nut to the power cable to undo.



Tools required – Phillips screwdriver and 9-10mm (3/8) socket.

 Disassemble Existing Halo

  • With the screwdriver undo the 4 screws on the underside of the Halo
  • Use the socket to undo the nut attached to the power cable connector.

You will now have the components as listed above. 

You may wish to take the opportunity to clean the Halo Lower and Halo Upper components. Simply use a wet cloth to wipe clean. DO NOT put the components in the dishwasher.

 Replace New PCB

  • Place the new PCB onto the Halo Lower and clip into place. It only fits in one position, and you will need to align the connector cable with the hole in the Halo Lower.

  • Place the cable from the PCB through the hole in the Halo Lower, place the nut in the socket and whilst holding the cable in place turnover the Halo Lower and secure the nut onto the connector and fasten (not too tight). This can be a little tricky at first however it will grip and secure, it just needs to align properly.



  • Place Halo Upper over the Halo Lower – you will see that it can only fit one way to align with the power cable recess. Turnover the Halo and insert the 4 screws into the holes. Ensure to align the screws accurately and fasten, however not too tight.


  • Place the completed Halo unit onto the UrbiPod Tower and reconnect the power cable.


Congratulations. You have now replaced a new PCB into your UrbiPod for many more years of happy growing.