The UrbiPod

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In today’s culture, finding food that is healthy, tasty, and cost-effective feels almost impossible. You go to the supermarket with the best intentions, but fresh produce is so expensive! Cheap, processed foods are so much more convenient. Fresh herbs and salads are the key to making healthy eating fun: without them, your meals become too bland to enjoy. 

Imagine that you could have all your favourite fresh herbs at home. Imagine how good you would feel eating healthy, organic produce - and imagine how much money you would save by staying away from supermarkets!

That’s where the UrbiPod comes in. The UrbiPod is an innovation in home cooking and gardening: an indoor hydroponic garden designed to fit on your kitchen counter. Easy to set up, and easy to use. The UrbiPod comes with four pods, which will each produce a generous bunch of fresh herbs, microgreens, lettuces, or flowers. Basil, coriander, chillies, chives; anything you can think of, you can grow. With its automatic LED grow lights, clever watering, and specialised nutrient, the UrbiPod is guaranteed to bring you successful growing with zero effort needed.

Here’s how it works:

Having an UrbiPod at home is a sure fire way to improve your wellbeing. Your cooking will be tastier, and healthier, with the flavourful twist of fresh herbs.

So what can you grow in your UrbiPod? Anything you want! You’ll find a variety of 30+ seeds for you to get growing, but our pods are suited to nearly any plant you can think of — if it fits, it’ll grow! The UrbiPod is designed for versatility and value. With the UrbiPod’s generous growing area, you’ll grow heaping handfuls of your favourite herbs, microgreens, or flowers with zero effort. 

Are you not confident in growing? That’s alright! The UrbiPod is a zero-effort system designed to help everyone have fresh healthy herbs, regardless of gardening experience. Our blogs and mailing lists are also overflowing with tips to help you be successful. We build bridges in our growing community: we believe that everyone should be given the resources to make healthy, educated choices about their diet. The Urbotanica team is made up of local expert growers and gardening gurus: give us a call, or send us an email, and receive quick help for any of your gardening worries.  

Stop wasting money on wilted, packaged herbs. Start treating your body with the healthy, tasty food it deserves.

Order your UrbiPod today to start your growing journey.