Our Top FAQs

  • My Coir is Dry - How Do I Fix It? 

Assuming there is sufficient water in the reservoir, dry coir usually occurs when the wicks and discs are not correctly placed under the coir. The round disc must be sitting in the groove of the oval false floor plate. And the small wick must be slightly protruding above the false floor disc and making contact with the round disc. Best way to check is to remove the coir and check the wicks and disc under the coir and see how dry or wet it is. If they are dry that's the cause of your dry coir. For best results place the wicks and discs in water for 30 minutes before returning them to the Pod. Reposition the coir as it was. No need to replace at this stage. 


  • How do I get rid of Mould? 

Mould is a a naturally occurring process caused by humidity and limited air flow in and around the UrbiPod. You can try a few options, including sprinkling cinnamon on the coir of the affected Pod. Moving the Pod to an area with better air circulation also will help. In tropical and sub tropical climates, summer and after rain is almost certain to result in mould. Take preventative action when this happens. Check out our infographic here for extra tips.

  •  How Much Electricity does the UrbiPod use?

LED lights are very energy efficient. Under normal UrbiPod usage conditions, our state of the art lights will use about as much electricity as it takes to operate your toaster for a year.


  • How do I Get Rid of Gnats and White Bugs?
Check out our video here: https://youtu.be/QaNSWgIJf5w

  • Can I Change the Time When the Lights Come On and Off?
The lights are pre set for a 16 hours on 8 hours off cycle. So you can change the timings by switching the power off at the power point and then turning it back on again. The 16 & 8 hour cycle will re-commence from the time the unit is switched back on.
  • How do I Clean the UrbiPod? 
Check out our vid here:  https://youtu.be/xz5ibqRovcM
Don't put it in the dishwasher - it wont make it out alive! 


Can I take the Pods or the UrbiPod outside?

Yes you can - within reason. Whilst the UrbiPod is designed as an indoor appliance it can operate outside for a few days - depending on the weather. We wouldn't recommend putting it outside in very hot or very cold conditions. The plants will not like such extremes - if burnt by the sun or frozen you best replace the plants.


What do I do when I am going on vacation for a few weeks?

Make sure the UrbiPod is plugged in to the power source and make sure the water tower is full of water and add a measure of nutrient. Best not to leave it in direct sunlight in summer unattended for more than 2 weeks. If you follow the above advice, your plants will continue to grow and remain healthy whilst you are on holidays.