UrbiPod Smart Garden

The UrbiPod Smart Garden COMING SOON



What's new about the Smart Garden?

The UrbiPod Smart Garden will provide you with more information about your UrbiPod by connecting to your phone. The Smart Garden will detect all the relevant growing data to your plants.

More Information

With more information at your fingertips, you can take greater control of your growing conditions. Adjust light levels, change pod locations and make sure you plants are always getting the right amount of water.

More Control

With the UrbiPod Smart Garden you can always make sure your giving your plants the best environment they need to thrive. Making it even easier to grow almost all your favourite plants indoors!

More Success

Australia's best indoor garden just got smarter.

The UrbiPod is a pretty clever garden. It provides your plants with all the water, nutrients & light they need to thrive indoors. Now we want to make it even smarter by allowing you to take control of your UrbiPod everywhere you go & giving you the information you need to be a successful grower.

With the UrbiPod Smart Garden

Grow more of these....

With less of this.


Grow your plants three times quicker in the UrbiPod with less effort.


The UrbiPod is designed to fit anywhere, plus the mobile pods allow you to move your favourite plant anywhere.


The UrbiPod also uses 90% less water than growing in a garden.

What makes the UrbiPod Special?

But don't take our word for it.

We’ve made the LED smart lights even smarter!

By detecting ambient light levels, they will always be able to provide all the light your plants need to grow. It also connects to your phone so you can control the UrbiPod from anywhere.  The UrbiPod Smart Garden light supports the growth of flowers, vegetables, fruits & greens.

Our pods let you grow what you want.  Where you want. 

They're big enough to support the growth of almost any plant. Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Micro Greens, and Flowers all have room to thrive in the UrbiPod. Each Pod has it's own water reservoir making them mobile. You can take the pods out of the UrbiPod and move them. Allowing you to more than 4 growing pods.

Never forget to water your plants again.

The UrbiPod holds 3 litres of water and uses a clever wicking system to provide the plants with all the nutrient and water they need. All you have to do is top up the bottle with water and nutrients when it's empty.

Growing Data & Feedback

The UrbiPod Smart Garden collects relevant growing data about your plants! This means you will always have the information to keep your plants at their best. Giving you the ability to identify and solve problems before they occur.