Full Spectrum Grow Light Halo
Full Spectrum Grow Light Halo

Full Spectrum Grow Light Halo

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Our new Full-Spectrum grow light is now here! Grow a wider variety of plants with our new grow light technology such as tomatoes, chilis, florals and wild strawberries!

The new Full-Spectrum growing halo is completely retro-fittable with older UrbiPod models too. This means that you can have the most up to date growing lights regardless of when you bought your UrbiPod.

For those growing nerds out there, here's how the new Full-Spectrum grow light works;

Leafy green plants rely on the visible blue light spectrum when they carry out the process of photosynthesis, as this is a slightly lower energy level light spectrum. However, once the plant moves into the flowering stage of its lifecycle is requires more high energy light, which is represented by the visible red light spectrum. Throughout both phases, leaves will reflect the visible green light that sits in-between the blue and red light spectrums (hence why leaves are green). The original UrbiPod grow light halo was designed specifically for leafy greens and herbs, thus featured mainly visible blue light. The new halo was designed with both leafy greens/ herbs and flowering plants such as chilis and wild strawberries in mind, and thus features both visible blue light and visible red light. The new Full-Spectrum halos also feature a touch of visible green light, but that's only to give the grow light its nice white aesthetic. 

Power Adapter sold Separately 

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