Urbipod Indoor Garden

Urbipod Indoor Garden


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The UrbiPod takes all of the guesswork out of growing. With its innovative Self-Watering and Nutrient-Delivery System that provides all the water your plants need to grow and solves the problem of forgetting to water your plants.

The Self-Timing, adjustable Grow Light which replicates the sun by providing your plants with 16 hours a day of light supporting the growth of herbs, veggies, microgreens, veggies, flowers & fruits. The automatic timer means your UrbiPod will turn on for 16 hours a day automatically. The UrbiPod takes care of all of the growing know-how and lets you enjoy favourite plants in your own home, every day.

The UrbiPod also comes with a Starter-Kit which includes a 4-Pack of coir, 250ml of Urbotanica Liquid Nutrient and 4 Seed Packs so everything you need to start growing is all in the one box!

The mobile pods all have there own built-in water reservoir as well! So you can move your plants around your home and keep them wherever you like without needing to add extra water. This also allows you to add extra pods to your UrbiPod and rotate them with other pods.

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